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Registration is Now Open for The Healing Trauma Summit!

The Summit runs June 4th through June 13th 2018

In our world today it is much more likely that you, a loved one, or a client will face a traumatic event.

Many experiences can traumatize us, such as:

  • Witnessing or experiencing a violent crime, natural disaster, war, or political conflict
  • The loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job, or one’s home
  • Childhood physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, as well as neglect
  • Medical procedures, a catastrophic illness, or an accident

In the wake of these events, and without help, so many of us struggle with symptoms throughout our lifetimes.

But, it truly does not need to be this way! 

I have specialized in the treatment of trauma for over 33 years.  There are many new tools and ways of working with trauma, driven by recent brain research, that offer more options than ever before to heal trauma. 

This summit offers 24 Online Training Sessions on Advances in Neuroscience, Attachment Therapy, Spiritual Psychology, and Embodied Approaches to Heal & Transform Trauma.

I am honored to be the host for this important and timely summit. And it is FREE to watch!

Please join me by clicking here!

With the Healing Trauma Summit, you’ll join 24 internationally renowned and respected professionals and healers from a wide range of disciplines and traditions as they share their methods and experience.

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