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Shifting States, Shifting Selves: a 4-week training-- Wednesdays 7-9pm EDT September 7th-28th

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." --Anais Nin

Have you ever noticed that depending upon your mood, things in your life can look and feel quite differently?   Our state of mind, our emotional state determines how we feel and how we cope.  And frequently we may not feel like we are in the driver's seat of our moods and how we handle our lives.

Do you find yourself sometimes stuck in a mood?  Do you experience feeling angry or anxious and unable to get out of that state of mind?  Do you find that there is a gap between how you want to be and how you currently are? Do you find yourself surprised that you continue revisiting old issues even though you thought you had worked them out?

Well you are not alone!  This is a common complaint that most people struggle with.  But, it does not have to be that way.

Recent advances in neuroscience and psychology are confirming what ancient traditions such as buddhist psychology and the Vedas have observed, that we are not a solitary self, but actually a collection of states and selfs. And our states and the sense of self that goes along with them determine how we function, how good or bad we feel, how we handle stress, how we are in relationships, and even how creative or how uncreative we feel.  In fact, our states of mind and mood often determine how we see our reality.  

As the quote above says, we don't really see things in our life or inside our self as they are, we see them through the often cloudy and colored lens of our mood and state of mind.

What if you could learn a process by which you could track your mood and learn how to get unstuck from it?  

This 4-week training will give you the tools to do just that!

Combining psychological and neurological insights with simple to use techniques and methods, you can learn how to identify the places and states in which you get stuck and then how to shift from those states to a more integrated and whole state where you have much deeper access to your resources, wisdom, and clarity.  

For more information, click this link  to view a video about the training.

If you have any questions you can email me using the contact link at the bottom of the page.

If this calls to you, then come join us!

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Dropping In: A Two-Hour Virtual Mini Retreat

Join me for a two-hour virtual mini retreat Saturday August 13th 1:00pm to 3:00pm EDT. Left to our mental and attentional habits, we very often wind up suffering from feeling divided, distracted, tense, unhappy, overwhelmed, burdened, and/or frustrated. You are not alone. This is largely due to how we are living our lives where we are anywhere but present.  And it is only through being present that we can actually enjoy the moments that are our lives.  

This can also manifest as feeling disconnected from our heart.  One way to know we are not feeling connected to our heart is when we feel flat, or as if we are going through a type of darkness or cloud cover. Often when we are exiled from our own hearts, we spiral into a place of feeling more isolated and globally less connected.

Whether or not we have some sort of meditation practice we may not be making time to drop into our self, into our heart, into our essence. We may forget to be present.  This mini retreat will be an opportunity to come back home to your heart, to this present moment, settling into a more relaxed and grounded place, and deepening your ability to sustain this connection, and to be better able to drop back in.   NOTE: If you cannot make attend live, you will also be given a download link for the full audio recording of the retreat.

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