Discover Your Potential & Transform Your Life

"We all hold the keys to our personal healing"

My emphasis is on helping the individual access and utilize their inner resources for personal growth and for healing physical and emotional distress.

 I believe that fundamentally we all hold the keys to our personal healing and for reaching our potential.

I strive to help my clients discover their unique strengths, feelings, and values and how to integrate this internal wisdom to guide their healing, recovery and personal development.  

I believe that health and well-being are states that are beyond a mere absence of symptoms, but rather are characterized by wholeness and emotional well being, a sense of purpose and direction, greater internal harmony and the capacity to give and receive love within meaningful relationships.

I make every effort to create and maintain a safe, supportive, caring environment where the individual feels respected, understood and valued.  

I do not presume to hold the answers, but am devoted to helping you discover your own direction and path.  

To this end I utilize a spectrum of therapeutic approaches that range from traditional talk therapy to more alternative and/or complimentary therapies and techniques. 

I believe that healing must address the whole person and that our work is to help you heal and become more integrated on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels

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