If you have practiced meditation or some type of contemplative discipline and feel frustrated by what seems like a lack of progress, or you find yourself stuck in the practice, or if you find that it feels like a chore and drudgery, then targeted meditation coaching might be for you.

Getting Unstuck: The Effortless Effort-- Targeted Meditation Coaching

Getting Unstuck is a series of three one-on-one meditation coaching sessions where we explore the places you find yourself stuck, challenged, or struggling in your meditation practice.  Our focus on what gets in the way in targeted mediation coaching helps you open up your meditation practice, enhance your ability to embody presence and clarity, and helps you move forward in your practice. I bring nearly 49 years of meditation practice and 22 years of teaching meditation to help you evolve and tailor your practice to be a source of insight, calm, and a deeper ability to simply be.  Sessions can be Skype or in-person. 

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