Entering the Stream- An Introduction to Meditation


This six week online class is aimed at helping individuals either begin or deepen a meditation practice.  This class is suitable for both beginners as well those who have practiced some form of meditation for a while.  Each 90 minute class will be largely experiential, with the majority of time spent in practicing and cultivating mindfulness and presence.  There will be ample time for questions and live interaction in each class.  Also there is a home practice component which will include audio downloads of guided mindfulness practices.  The class will run six Tuesday evenings 7:30pm to 9:00pm ET, from November 17th until  December 22nd. Each class will be recorded so that you can still listen to the class even if you can't make it live.

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You may have wanted to learn meditation but were not sure where to start, or you have tried some form of meditation and felt disappointed or frustrated dealing with disturbing thoughts or strong emotions.  You may have heard about the many benefits of a meditation practice that have been consistently and constantly supported by brain research.  These benefits include feeling calmer, less anxious, happier, less stressed, less depressed, enhanced concentration, lowered blood pressure, less pain, improved resilience, increased patience, compassion, creativity, and mental and emotional flexibility.  And in addition to the abundant mental, emotional, and physical benefits, there is also the deep spiritual benefits of feeling more connected to life and to one another, and to a sense of purpose and clarity.

I have taught meditation for over 22 years (and have practiced it intensively for 48 years), and in that time I have been able to distill core initial practices that help support a deepening of concentration, accessing a dimension of stillness, presence and ease of being.  This course is based on my experience with thousands of students helping them get unblocked and more able to experience the relief and healing that meditative presence brings.