Perhaps you have studied and practiced mindfulness or some other type of meditation and yet you still feel stuck in a cycle of reactivity, struggle, and/or compulsive thinking.  Maybe you find you can cultivate some moments of tranquility and peace while you practice, but that you often  find those feelings quickly seem to evaporate as you engage with the world once again.   Perhaps you have even stopped your meditation practice because you felt discouraged and frustrated.

There is a state that mindfulness and other meditation systems point toward.  There is a state of natural awakened presence which is a reservoir of calm, peace, spaciousness, compassion, and love.  This is your birthright, your natural state.  However, for most of us the noise of our usual state of  compulsive thinking, ruminating and worrying obscures our natural wakefulness and clarity.

This course on Beyond Mindfulness: Tapping into your natural state of awakened presence is an opportunity to go beyond technique and to taste the depth and the transformative healing  power of this inherent ability that lives in each of us.

This four-week course combines meditation instruction along with non-dual wisdom teachings to help facilitate your entering and embodying awakened presence.